Superseam Tool 12 Feet! – Comes With (2) 6 Feet “Aluminum” Superseam Tools, Connector Bracket & Hardware

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Why do I need to integrate?

When you integrate synthetic turf, you alleviate the chance for the dreaded “mohawk”. Most installers don’t know or even care if the mohawk is even happening until they try to pick up the check. Still today I receive calls, text messages, and even facetime calls from stressed out landscapers pleading for my help for “it” go away. The problem is, “it” … the “mohawk” will never go away. If anything by you manipulating it and making it worse.

To be successful and stand above the rest in your installations, you will need to perfect synthetic turf seam integration.

For the serious synthetic turf professional that wants to rock out their seams!!!!

Combination set 12′ total length- (2) 6′ footers – connector bracket and hardware included !

The superseam combination allows the installation expert to feel secure knowing he has the proper tools to create “Undetectable seams”. This combination set includes the new connector bracket which allows the end user to connect as many superseam tools together for efficient seam installations without human error. 12 feet in length after connected together. You can always order more superseam tools and connect as many as you need to achieve an invisible seam.