Turf Brush Attachment – Combination Set; Including- Attachment Assembly, Durable Nylon Brush, Brush Plate, 8 Inch Wheels, Deflection Shield & Hardware…(Drop-Spreader Not Included)



Joe Wadkins aka “ASK JW” has hit this one out of the park !!!!!!

This Amazing Turf Brush attaches to the Scotts Classic Drop Spreader, the #1 Infill drop spreader being used in the synthetic turf landscape industry today. The Turf Brush brushes the infill into the synthetic turf fibers at the same time as it is being dropped !! It saves thousands of dollars on labor having to rake and brush, not to mention your back being worn out.

The Turf Brush is designed to receive replacement brushes. If the brush gets damaged, lost or needs to be replaced due to wear, the replacement easily slides into the brush plate and back to work you go. The new Wheel assembly makes it easy to push, just like a baby stroller. ”

You know we all go home with infill in our shoes from brooming?… well the new “Deflection Shield” prevents infill from doing just that. Get your Turf Brush attachment today and start saving HUNDREDS of dollars each project !!!

The Turf Brush is adjustable for all pile heights ! just remove the wheels and move them up or down according to your pile height and re fasten… ” its that easy!!!